Halloween is BACK!

Lahaina Maui is famous for having the biggest Halloween celebration in Hawaii, & though a few years back were not as good due to vehicle traffic, Since 2011, Front Street has been blocked again allowing free flowing pedestrian traffic only!

That's right: no cars! Instead you'll find plenty of happy costumed foot traffic on Front Street.

LahainaHalloween.com is your guide to Halloween on Front Street Maui and all of Hawaii. Check out last year's Best Costumes, Event Information, the Maui Bars with the best views of the Front St parade, and great choices of inexpensive, creative, and unique Halloween Costumes.

BE PREPARED for this years Hallow's eve in Maui!

2014 Maui Halloween Photos are up!

Sexy Costumes

Every year over 25,000 people come to Lahaina's Front Street in Maui. The festivities are often compared to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The jovial atmosphere along with incredible costumes make this Hawaii's most celebrated holiday!

Check Out Last Years Costumes Homemade Creative Costumes Mr. Hankey Costume Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Each year Lahaina's Front Street festivities become bigger and more involved. You'll find that it's a real task trying to find anyone without a costume on. These Halloween costumes range from fun store bought outfits to completely homemade masterpieces. Some of the contestants in the various Lahaina Costume Contests have spent all year building their creative Halloween outfits. Make sure you're prepared with a little more than an old sheet with holes cut for eyes. Check out some of the great Halloween Costumes we have in stock.

I had no idea how big Maui is for Halloween! We arrived in Lahaina with what I thought were pretty good costumes. We then realized how serious people take this event after seeing all the incredible costumes. Next year, I'll be doing a little more than throwing something together last minute. I want people to enjoy what I'm wearing as much as I do them!

-Susie Baker, Big Island

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